A Spectacular Kick-Off: Our Soccer Card Breaking Company's First Stream Delights Fans

A Spectacular Kick-Off: Our Soccer Card Breaking Company's First Stream Delights Fans

It was an exhilarating Wednesday like never before for our soccer card breaking company as we took to YouTube and Twitch for our inaugural live stream. The anticipation was high, the nerves were tangible, but the thrill of sharing this hobby with fellow enthusiasts superseded all. Little did we know that our maiden broadcast would be a resounding success, attracting a peak of approximately 30 viewers across both platforms. We opened two Panini Prizm Hobby Boxes, and to add more excitement to the mix, we generously gave away a free Blaster Box. The cherry on top was undoubtedly the awe-inspiring moment when we pulled two Orange Prizms, one of them being the sensational Riyad Mahrez, numbered out of 15. Let's relive the magical moments from our first-ever live stream that brought joy, camaraderie, and an unforgettable soccer card breaking experience.

The Journey Begins

With passion and dedication in our hearts, we embarked on this journey to share our love for soccer card collecting and breaking with the world. Weeks of meticulous planning, selecting the perfect products, and organizing the logistics led us to this momentous occasion. Our excitement was palpable, as we envisioned connecting with a community of fellow collectors, traders, and fans during the live stream.

Setting the Stage

As the clock struck the designated hour, our stream went live, and the viewership began to grow. Welcoming everyone with warm greetings and expressions of gratitude, we felt an instant connection with our audience. The chatbox came alive with hellos, emojis, and words of encouragement, setting the stage for a vibrant atmosphere.

Unveiling the Prizm Hobby Boxes

With hearts racing, we moved on to the main event – the grand opening of two Panini Prizm Hobby Boxes. Each pack held the promise of rare cards, hidden treasures, and the potential to bring forth players' iconic moments. The viewers eagerly awaited the unveiling, expressing their predictions and well-wishes in the chat.

The Thrill of the Chase

As pack after pack was opened, the excitement was contagious. The live reactions from our viewers created an electric atmosphere, and every shiny card discovery was celebrated with gusto. A sense of unity bound us all together, regardless of where we were in the world, sharing the collective thrill of the chase.

A Generous Giveaway

In the spirit of gratitude and appreciation for our community's support, we decided to surprise our viewers with a free Blaster Box giveaway. The random selection process added an element of anticipation, and the lucky winner couldn't have been happier. It was moments like these that reinforced our belief in the power of fostering a strong community around our shared passion.

The Unforgettable Pull: Riyad Mahrez

Just when we thought the excitement had peaked, destiny had one more surprise in store for us. In the midst of our soccer card breaking adventure, we pulled two Orange Prizms numbered out of 15 – an exceptionally rare feat. One of these illustrious cards was none other than Riyad Mahrez, a living legend in the world of soccer. The collective gasp of awe from our viewers resonated through the virtual realm, celebrating the joy of witnessing such a rare gem emerge from the packs.


Our first-ever live stream was a dream come true for our soccer card breaking company. The outpouring of support, the camaraderie among viewers, and the unforgettable moments we shared will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We extend our deepest gratitude to every viewer who joined us and celebrated this thrilling soccer card breaking experience. As we bask in the afterglow of a successful stream, we eagerly anticipate many more moments of joy, surprise, and shared passion with our growing community. This is just the beginning of an incredible journey, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for our soccer card breaking company.

Join us for our next adventure, as we continue to explore the world of soccer card collecting and breaking – together.

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