What is Draft Your Team?

Welcome to the exciting world of "Draft Your Team" card breaks, a unique concept brought to you by CNG Soccer Breaks! In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of participating in a "Draft Your Team" card break and explain how this innovative format works.


"Draft Your Team" is a thrilling twist on traditional card breaks. Instead of simply purchasing a spot and receiving random cards, you get to actively participate in a live draft process to select the teams you want for the break. Here's a summary of the key steps:

  1. A set number of spots are made available in the card break.
  2. Each spot corresponds to a position in the live draft.
  3. The draft order is generated randomly and revealed all during the live stream.
  4. Participants will take turns choosing teams from the available teams remaining in the draft pool.
  5. Each person has 30 seconds to make their selection during the draft.
  6. If someone is not present during their turn, they will be assigned the highest-ranked team available in the default order, which is generally sorted by relative value.
  7. Once all draft spots are assigned, the card break begins.
  8. You will receive every card from the teams you chose that appear in the break!

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at support@cngsoccerbreaks.com